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Unique Gradient Window Film Options


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If you are looking for a way to create privacy without completely closing off your office, gradient window films are a great solution. The VisualPro team has designed custom gradient films for several offices and workspaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve seen it used effectively in medical offices, conference rooms, and entire workspaces. 

gradient window films

Custom Gradient Window Film Options

Custom Gradient window films can completely transform an office space. For instance, if you are looking for a way to add privacy and visual interest, this is a must-have. Unlike regular window film which tends to come in standard sizes, custom gradient film can be made-to-measure. The end product is cut to fit your window’s exact measurements, eliminating seams. 

One of the most popular reasons for using gradient window film is the name. Gradients allow you to control how much privacy you want. If you want just a touch of privacy and plenty of light transmissions, there is a gradient for that. Looking to create complete privacy? We can customize the gradient’s opacity to help you achieve that goal. The beauty of customization is that the sky is the limit. 

Another customization that we’ve designed for our customers has to do with the direction of the gradient. The beauty of customized gradient film is that you can change the direction. From horizontal to circular, the options are almost unlimited. The same goes for color choices. We can create a custom gradient to match any color. Even multiple colors can be incorporated into a gradient.

What about shapes and patterns? We can customize your gradient film to include geometric shapes like circles, squares, or any other shape, including your logo. Want to incorporate your brand identity into the gradient? We can do that, too!

As you can see from our wholesale catalog, the VisualPro team is determined to offer as many design options as possible. Our goal is simple: to make design work for you. Have a question about gradient film? Get a free consultation today.