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Open for Business: Salons & Barber Shops


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Who of us hasn’t seen the impact that the pandemic has had on haircare?  So many hilarious posts on social media featuring out-of-control hair made us all realize what we were missing. After months of waiting, many folks literally took matters into their own hands by cutting their own hair. I’m sure 2020 has been incredibly challenging for salon and barbershop owners. Spa owners have also taken an incredible hit during the pandemic.

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It’s not all bad news, though. We’ve seen some outstanding examples of how salons and spas have found innovative ways to stay connected to their customers. For instance, many spas have offered new services that incorporate the use of outside spaces. Some in the med spa industry seemed to have thrived during the pandemic as well. A few salons have had success during the pandemic, but there have definitely been challenges.

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The Challenges of Reopening: Spas, Salons & Barber Shops

When you work in a field that requires a personal touch, it becomes almost impossible to do so during a pandemic. That is certainly the case with the businesses mentioned above. The logical consequences of COVID-19 have meant that most customers have stayed away from their personal barber or stylist, even with the precautions that have been taken by most. Services that were once considered to be necessities are now considered non-essential. How do you convince customers to return to the pros for their skilled services?

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Custom Graphics Can Bring Your Customers Back

First, you’ll want to let your customers know that you are back in business. Your current signage may be great, but changing it up can bring renewed interest to your business. Just think of it this way: we all knew to expect Steve Jobs to walk across that stage in jeans and a black shirt. Imagine what the hoopla if he had chosen to change it up with a pink striped shirt! Similarly, adding something new for your customers to see can reignite their interest. Adding a bold window graphic or updating your signage can have the same effect.

What about safety? It will obviously be on your customer’s minds for some time to come, so why not make it a feature of your shop? Custom floor decals with social distancing instructions and signage that encourages hand-washing and masks are just two ways to do so. If you have hand sanitizing stations, make sure your customers and staff can see them clearly. Banner or wall signage can make that happen.

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Custom Graphics with VisualPro

The VisualPro team is ready to help you produce the kind of graphics that can help you to get back into business. From floor decals to wall graphics and all graphics in between, we can produce exactly what you breed to get up and running again. Think of us as your partners!  Ready to get started? Give us a call at 707.755.7337 or drop us a note here.