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3M Fasara Films

Create Stunning Interiors

3M Fasara is a family of decorative films made from polyester. Used for glass surfaces, they can transform interior spaces with finishes that are trend-setting and durable. 3M Fasara films give you unique ways to create stunning visual effects on interior glass surfaces. They are also excellent for creating privacy.

Easy Application

3M Fasara is easy to apply on glass surfaces. With just a set of simple tools and a clean surface, these decorative films can be installed. The film is removable, so customers can hire you to change up the design when it’s time for something new.

Unlimited Design

3M Fasara comes in over 100 designs. This offers customers a wealth of options that can completely transform their spaces. They have been used in offices, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, and healthcare environments.

Increased Privacy

One of the biggest reasons why customers choose 3M Fasara is for privacy. What makes this product so unique is that you can choose complete privacy or you films that are both private and decorative.

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