Gradient Window Film

Customizable Gradient Films

Gradient window films

Gradient window films are often considered the ultimate privacy window film because they can be used to control light and improve privacy while enhancing interiors aesthetics. Gradient films allow controlled light transmission while providing full or partial privacy film. Any size, opacity, color, pattern, image, or direction you want.


Gradient window film features

Increase Privacy

Gradient window film is an affordable way to increase privacy throughout an office setting while creating appealing and branded designs. If you have a conference room where you need privacy to maintain confidentiality, gradient window film can easily be customized depending on you’re specific needs.

Rose Design-Lattice_VisualPro_Thumb
gradient window film

Unlimited Design

Gradient window film gives the ability to choose any height, size, opacity, or image to perfect your office space.  There are dots, stripes, lines, and images of all different opacities and sizes that can be customized. You can give your project a custom design that others can't beat!

Standard pre-designed roll gradients have limitations, based on the physical size of the roll. Our custom gradient glass film can be produced to fit any size glass surface. 

All Options

  • Any Design
    squares, circles, logos, etc

  • Add Imagery
    photos and logos

  • Colors
    unlimited color options

  • Density
    you can start with any density or opacity

Custom gradient examples

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