Unique Gradient Window Film Options
October 08, 2021

Unique Gradient Window Film Options

Gradient window films are commonly deployed in office environments that require some level of privacy but the architecture and design team is trying to keep office environments open and collaborate. Nobody wants to have a nice office with glass partitions and doors but closed off and hidden using basic privacy film solutions.

Our Gradient Window Film can be used in any office environment to enhance, brand, and customize a space.

gradient window films

Our gradient films are completely customizable

Let's explore all the unique capabilities and options you can employ in customing your project.

    • Custom Creates A Seamless Finish
      Standard films such as 3M Fasara are commonly 60″ or 48″ heights — most often that does not match the size of your projects glass. That means the finished installation leaves unsightly seams where the material ends and the glass begins. Custom films can be printed at any height — covering the full glass and resulting in an elegant final look.
    • What Level of Privacy Do You Need?
      With custom gradients, you can choose precisely how opaque your window film appears. Go very opaque for complete privacy in secure rooms. Or choose very transparent to add style to your glass but keep visibility.
    • Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Center Out…
      With custom gradients, you can get creative beyond the typical vertical gradient. Go horizontal, diagonal, center out, or radial. Choosing an unusual direction for your gradient is a great way to elevate the final installation to a truly unique aesthetic for your space.
    • White Isn’t Your Only Choice.
      Given the shelf choices, you might be under the impression gradients need to be white. That’s definitely not the case. With custom, your gradient can be any color. We can even match Pantone and paint colors. Your custom gradient can fade from your chosen color to clear, or transition between two or more colors for a more contemporary look.
    • Brand With Your Favorite Pattern
      Incorporate any pattern to match your branding. Besides classic geometric styles such as dot or square, a gradient can be created out of any symbol — including your logo for a truly personal touch.
    • Add Images. Or Text, Or Logos, Or…
      Enhance the gradient design with custom graphics or branding as an excellent opportunity to promote your vision or beautify what is normally a functional privacy feature.

Gradient Design Window Films offer the perfect amount of separation for glass walls in Conference or Meeting rooms. Maintain privacy without sacrificing the desired collaborative open airy feeling.

VisualPro can work with you and your team to help come up with a gradient window film for your needs and project. 


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