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Open for Business: Restaurants


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Restaurant owners have faced a unique challenge in dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With things slowly opening up again, we wanted to provide some helpful suggestions that can help you to bring folks back in. In this article, we’ll discuss the unique challenges that restaurants face and the role that marketing with custom graphics can play in reinvigorating your business.


Restaurants Face Unique Challenges

Obviously, helping customers to feel both safe and welcome in an enclosed space can be a real challenge. Some restaurants have added outdoor dining spaces during the pandemic and this has helped to make patrons feel more comfortable. But what about indoor dining? How do you help customers to know that things are safe and you are ready to serve them?

It’s been remarkable to see how many small business owners have added takeout and delivery to their offerings. Have you added take-out and delivery services during the pandemic? Do you plan on keeping it as a part of your business model? How do you promote takeout while also encouraging folks to safely dine-in?

It’s logical to start planning ways to reintroduce your business to customers. This is especially the case with smaller restaurants, bars, coffee shops, bakeries, and other eating establishments. How you market yourself today can have dramatic benefits tomorrow.


Custom Graphics for Restaurants

“What kinds of graphics can help you to reignite interest in your restaurant? How can signage be used to help customers feel safe and secure?” Let’s answer these questions.

Some of the best graphics for building customer interest are custom window graphics and blade signs. For instance, installing a new window graphic showcasing your branding and letting customers know that you are open for business can be very impactful. Passersby may have become accustomed to your old window graphics. A new graphic grabs attention and can move customers to take a second look. A blade sign adds a layer of visual interest that can be clearly seen because it sits perpendicular to the front of your restaurant.

Customers want to be safe when they eat at your restaurant, so having signage that complies with local, state, and federal regulations is a must. Not only do customers need to see signage that tells them what to do, but they also need to see what your employees are doing to comply as well. Clearly marked social distancing signage can be added to the floors as well. You may also want to highlight hand sanitizing stations and any mask-wearing instructions that comply with local laws.

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VisualPro – Your Small Business Partner

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