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Social Distancing in the Office


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It’s vital to have a conversation about social distancing in the office. So much has changed as more employees are returning to work during the COVID-19 epidemic. The workplace has become a completely different environment. Safety measures and social distancing have become normal. Employers must do everything in their power to keep their employees safe and healthy. For some, this might now have been a priority in the past. But COVID-19 has created new opportunities to explore employee safety. 

What are you doing to keep your employees safe? One way that many employers are keeping their workers safe is with signage and floor decals. Additionally, custom signage is helping to spread the message of safety. They can be used to remind workers to wash their hands, maintain social distance, use hand sanitizer, and more. The question that many offices are asking: how do you reopen your office in the post-COVID-19 world? We believe that signage can definitely help. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most common uses of signage in this new workplace paradigm. We’ll also share 10 tips on keeping appropriate physical distancing.

Directional Floor decals

Directional floor decals are a great way to help your employees to keep social distancing in mind. First, studies have shown that visual reminders can be very effective as a memory aid. Additionally, with all of the constant news reporting, it is easy to get COVID-19 fatigue. To reduce this, Installing floor decals and other directional signage can be a more subtle form of communication. It’s a great way to encourage your employees to continue observing social distancing protocols without constant verbal reminders.

Most offices were not created with social distancing as a priority. Therefore, directional signage can establish clear visual one-way traffic cues. They can also remind employees to be aware of each other and to avoid collisions. Your signage could also include indicating entrances and exits. Some offices have had to change these to accommodate the new social distancing guidelines.

Floor decal can include a little humor too! We recently installed custom-made decals at a local Trader Joe’s that incorporate their use of vintage imagery. They are playful and yet they convey the perfect reminder to say 6 feet apart. 

Cleanliness signage

Installing cleanliness signage can provide a vital reminder for your employees. Granted, they are probably washing their hands more than ever. However, the signage can also include reminders to use hand sanitizer before entering, to wash hands thoroughly, and clean the kitchen after use. Additionally, you might even need a lobby closure sign for your customers to observe.

Be mindful of the fact that all of the hygienic practices may be new to many employees. However, it is important that employees understand that maintaining cleanliness during COVID-19 is essential. It can help to reduce the spread and keep your business open. With new protocols being mandatory, clear visual reminders can be very helpful. 

Another type of cleanliness signage that has become essential are reminders about wiping down work stations and computers. Having clear signage with this reminder can help your employees to establish this as a routine. 

Social Distancing Signage

Just a few months ago, the expression ‘social distancing’ was not a part of our daily vocabulary. However thanks for COVID-19, it’s the norm. We are seeing social distancing signage everywhere: grocery stores, at banks, and in public places. Reopening your office while maintaining social distancing practices can be a challenge. However, placing well-designed signage can be an essential way to remind your employees of its importance. 

Every business and office space is different, so having designer experts like VisualPro on your side is a must. We can help you design custom signage that reminds employees to stay 6 feet apart. When employees see branded signage that is clear and understandable, it reinforces the notion that you care about their safety.

Tips for Appropriate Social Distancing in the Office

Here is a list of social distancing guidelines from the state of California that can be modified and used in your workspace. Be mindful that each city or state may have different and additional standards that must be observed. These suggestions include:

  • Redesign office spaces and cubicles and decrease the capacity for conferences and meetings to ensure workspaces allow for six feet between employees.
  • Close or restrict common areas, use barriers, or increase the physical distance between tables/chairs where personnel are likely to congregate and interact, such as kitchenettes and break rooms.
  • Discourage employees from congregating in high-traffic areas such as bathrooms, hallways, and stairwells.
  • Establish directional hallways and passageways for foot traffic, if possible, to eliminate employees from passing by one another.
  • Designate separate routes for entry and exit into office spaces to help maintain social distancing and lessen the instances of people closely passing each other.
  • Limit the number of individuals riding in an elevator and ensure the use of face coverings. Post signage regarding these policies.
  • Utilize work practices, when feasible and necessary, to limit the number of employees at the office at one time. This may include scheduling (e.g., staggering start/end times), establishing alternating days for onsite reporting, returning to the office workspace in phases, or continued use of telework when feasible.
  • Stagger employee breaks, within compliance with wage and hour regulations, to maintain physical distancing protocols.
  • Require employees to avoid handshakes and similar greetings that break physical distance.
  • Install production transfer-aiding materials, such as shelving and bulletin boards, to reduce person-to-person production hand-offs.  

Custom Signage and Decal Designs from VisualPro

The VisualPro team is ready to assist you with your floor decal and signage needs.  You can contact us today for a free consultation, and we’ll help you get started. Or you can give us a call at 707-755-7337 and ask for the VisualPro team.