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Open for Business: Shops & Boutiques


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The rise of online sales and the current pandemic have made owning a brick-and-mortar shop a challenge. Yet, our local neighborhoods are better places thanks to local shops and boutiques. Supporting local businesses is a must. It helps to buoy up the local economy by creating jobs and encourages a sense of community. The VisualPro team wants to offer two ways that small shop and boutique owners can use custom graphics to bring customers back in.


The Unique Challenges of Small Shop Owners

First, what are the challenges that local shops and boutiques face? There are at least two worth nothing. First, during the pandemic, it became increasingly easier for customers to rely on e-commerce for purchases. It seemed both safer and more convenient, with stay-at-home orders making it practical and wise to order online. With so many things now being a mouse click away, local brick-and-mortar stores have really taken a double hit: store closures and customer loyalty shifting mostly to you-know-who.

That leads us to the second challenge: the ease of purchasing online. Before the pandemic, many local businesses already saw more and more of their business being siphoned by Amazon and other online marketplaces. Now with customers plugged into that process, it can be a real challenge to get them to turn their attention back to local shops.

Of course, there is still concern about the pandemic, which may make customers feel leery about heading back out there. It feels like our local small shop owners have to find a bigger microphone to shout over the bullhorn of the e-commerce behemoths. How can shop owners overcome these two obstacles? We strongly believe that good marketing with the right tools (and partners) can help. Here are two tools to use.


Custom Graphics & Signs for Small Shops and Boutiques

Just like we mentioned in our report on reopening restaurants during the pandemic, good signage and other graphics can be a real boost. The basic idea behind rethinking your current signage is simple: remind the people that you are there. A blade sign is a great option for this. Because it sits perpendicular to your shop, it allows those walking down the sidewalk to see it from afar. Don’t forget those window graphics, though. Changing them up from time to time can reignite customer interest and allow you to advertise sales and other promotional events.

Obviously, safety is on everyone’s minds these days, so custom-designed social distancing graphics like floor decals and safety signage is a must. Going the custom route is important, as it lets your customers know that you’ve planned well for their return. Floor decals are an effective way to let customers know that you care about their safety and are happy to have them back.


Get Back to Business with VisualPro

The VisualPro team is ready to help you welcome your customers back to your small shops and boutiques. From floor decals to wall graphics and all creative points in between, we can produce the graphic products you need. Give us a call at 707.755.7337 or drop us a note here.