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Open for Business: Service-Based Businesses


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Our local neighborhoods are greatly benefited by service-based businesses. From banking to mechanics, it’s great to be able to get the help we need when we need it. Unfortunately, the pandemic has definitely had an impact on local service-based businesses. Now that things are slowly reopening, how can local businesses reopen safely while attracting customers back in?

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Service-Based Businesses: The Challenges of Reopening

What specific challenges do businesses like banks, gyms, and mechanics face? For this article, we are specifically focusing on businesses that have brick-and-mortar establishments. Issue number one is probably getting customers to come back in. During the pandemic, many customers switched to online services. In the case of gyms and other fitness studios, more and more customers started working out from home. This trend doesn’t look like it will end after the pandemic is over and this will have an impact on the fitness industry. 

The second challenge we’ll highlight is safety. Any business that requires customer interaction has to give thought to creating a safe space. This can be a real challenge, especially for businesses like banks that may have a consistent amount of foot traffic. What can you do from a marketing perspective that can help solve these two problems?

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Why Your Business Needs Custom Graphics

Custom graphics can help your business stand out and let customers know that you are ready to reopen safely. For instance, custom window graphics can expose your brand to new and returning customers alike. The great thing about window graphics is that they can be as bold and brilliant as you want them to be.  Use them to announce reopening specials or just to announce your reopening. Upgrading your signage is a good move too, especially if you use signs that are easy to read from multiple directions.

For safety, floor and wall decals can be a huge benefit. What we suggest is to have your social distancing and mask signage custom-made. That way, you can include your branding and even a more creative safety message that suits your business and brand message. Wall signage is a great way to remind customers and your employees to continue to keep safety in mind.

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Custom Designs with VisualPro

The VisualPro team is ready to help you produce the kind of graphics that can get you back into business. From floor decals to wall graphics and all creative points in between, we can produce the graphic products you need. Give us a call at 707.755.7337 or drop us a note here.