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Sign Materials 101


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Ready for a new sign? The VisualPro team has helped small businesses to create some stunning signs for their businesses. What kind of signs are available? In this post, we’ll share some insights on the kind of signs that are available and why you definitely need good signage for your business.

So Many Signs, So Many Uses

When you take a look around you at almost any retail or commercial location, you see signs everywhere. Signs are essential to a healthy marketing and sales strategy. Choosing the right signs can be a challenge. First, let’s discuss the types of materials that are used to make signs. Then we’ll discuss the types of signs available.

  • Digitally printed dibond: Dibond printing is a very popular choice for sign making. It uses two sheets of aluminum with a foam core between them. It has a myriad of uses and is lightweight and makes for sturdy interior signage. 
  • Vinyl: With multiple applications and usages, vinyl signs are just about everywhere. You can find them underfoot on social distancing decals, on walls and windows. Using adhesive, these signs can be bold and bright. They can also be temporary, so you can change it up when you are ready.
  • Acrylic: Weather-resistant and sturdy, acrylic can be used for wall signage, backlit signs, and 3D lettering
  • PVC: PVC is another popular sign-making material. It can be used for banners and signs, like this set of signage used at a health food store.
  • Window film: We’ve been working with window film for over 40 years, and decorative film is an increasingly popular medium. You can customize it for glass windows and doors. Works on walls, too.

This is just a sample of the sign materials out there. The VisualPro team uses these and others to create dynamic signage for customers of all types. There are tons of options out there, but the one question that you should ask yourself is: do I really need signs for my business? Find the answer here

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