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Kreation Organic – VisualPro Custom Signage


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What The Client Wanted

We never know what materials our client may want to experiment with. In this case, Kreation Organics, a Los-Angeles based health and wellness company, wanted to see their logo on a material that we don’t usually use. But we don’t play by the rules here, so we made it happen. 

How We Made It

The material of choice here is window shade fabric. It actually makes for a very durable and dynamic surface. The added benefit of being on a window is a plus. Good branding is a must for any business and finding the right way to showcase that brand is too.

About VisualPro

VisualPro loves to work with our customers to create the best marketing solutions. Our on-staff graphic designer and production manager work with you to help turn your concepts and designs into usable marketing materials. Our customers are looking for better brand awareness, increased customer presence, or to create a more dynamic and creative workspace. We want to make turn those goals into reality.

Once your design is completed, it is installed by our installation partners at ClimatePro. They have 40 years of experience as installers, so we know your designs will be handled with care and installed with precision.

VisualPro provides products and services for design firms, construction businesses, event managers, and facility management companies. We supply and install murals, wall graphics, decorative glass films, and, signage. We also work with 3M Dinoc & Fasara architectural films, and any other film that covers glass, walls, floors, ceilings, and doors. Get started with a free consultation here or give us a call at 707.755.7337.

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