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Examples of Custom Frosted Film


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Frosted film is a medium with great potential. We’ve used it to produce some stunning designs for our customers. In this post, we’ll showcase different examples of custom frosted films. 

Custom Gradients

Gradients, or color transitions, are increases and decreases in color. This powerful design element has been used to create outstanding frosted films. A gradient can be made from a single color, like white or black, or from a library of hues. Patterns can also be used to create gradients. Why are gradients such a popular choice?  While they’ve been popular in graphic and web design recently, gradients have also become one of the most requested choices for our customers.

Gradients can be used to create privacy and they add visual interest to space. One of the most common uses of custom gradients is for conference rooms and offices. Gradients also allow light to filter into a room, giving the occupants a sense of privacy without feeling completely closed in. See an example here.

Designs Printed on Frosted Film

If you are looking for a way to showcase your branding or a custom design, printing on frosted film is the way to go. This digitally cut film creates the perfect medium for patterns, shapes, and almost any other kind of custom design. There are several options available for printing on frosted film, including reverse cut, standard cut, and printed frost. The standard film we use is a 2-millimeter frosted vinyl. This durable film ensures that your designs are long-lasting.

If you choose to have a decal printed on frosted film, you can have the shape cut to the exact shape of your design. Another option is to add a border. Your decal will be cut to the general shape of your design with a ¼” – ½” border of material around it. 

VisualPro – Your Frosted Film Specialist

The VisualPro can help you to transform your space with custom frosted film. Our production studio and in-house graphic designer who can assist you with your designs. We also have the ClimatePro team ready to install your finished design. See some of our work in our Project Center. Get a free estimate here or give us a call at 707.755.7337.