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VisualPro Custom Window Films: Unleashing the Power of Customization


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The world of custom window films is evolving rapidly, with VisualPro leading the way. As the industry’s premier custom window film for commercial and retail environments, VisualPro offers many options to enhance your interior spaces. From unique design elements to privacy patterns and branded graphics, there’s something for everyone with VisualPro custom window films.

What are VisualPro Custom Window Films?

VisualPro Custom Window Films are 100% optically clear, custom-printed architectural glass films. Used primarily for decorative purposes in interior environments, these films can significantly boost privacy, enhance the ambiance, or strengthen branding elements. The magic of these films lies in their customization potential, with different combinations and layers of UV ink direct-printed onto the film to create stunning effects.


Unlimited Design Options

The beauty of VisualPro custom window films lies in their limitless design possibilities. Whether you have a ready-to-print design, a vision you need help bringing to life, or you’re seeking design inspiration, the VisualPro team has got you covered. Our graphic designer is always on hand to assist with the creative process, tailoring the service to each project’s specific needs and scope.


Ordering and Production Timeline

The ordering process for VisualPro custom window films is simple and straightforward. Quotes are typically provided within one to two business days of receiving all the necessary project details. Once the quote is approved and payment collected, the electronic proof is provided within two to four business days. A physical test print for content and color approval is an optional but highly recommended step.


Installation and Size

VisualPro custom window films are available on a 61” wide x 150’ long roll, with a maximum output of approximately 60” wide by any requested length. A panel that exceeds 60” in both directions will be tiled and seamed for installation. The films are designed for a professional wet installation, ensuring a perfect, long-lasting fit.

The VisualPro Advantage

Choosing film over manufactured frosted glass offers significant advantages, including cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Custom window film is semi-permanent, more affordable, and fully customizable, allowing you to create a space that uniquely represents your company. Moreover, its semi-permanence means it can be removed if you want to return to clear glass or wish to update the design.


Transparency and Cost

The VisualPro film begins as 100% optically clear, with the ink adjustable to provide the exact level of transparency desired, tailored to your unique environment and lighting conditions. The cost of the film is quoted based on the types of ink used and the overall square footage of the project.

In conclusion, VisualPro custom window films offer an innovative solution for enhancing interior spaces. With their remarkable customizability and unique designs, these films are a game-changer for commercial and retail environments seeking to make a statement. Ready to get started on your custom graphic project? Get started here.